For me, cooking started with a simple idea: I should know how to cook a few basic things like pasta in white sauce, chocolate chip cookies, or a roast chicken. Things quickly got out of hand.

Once I'd learned one thing, it would inform another. I became insatiable in my relentless pursuit of culinary wisdom, soaking it up like a sponge and reciting it back to myself until it was unforgettable. Suddenly I didn't just have a few recipes up my sleeve, I had techniques. And techniques are worth more than recipes. They are the justifiable what, how, and why of better cooking. Every dish, every ingredient has at least one trick or secret to make it better and when you know enough of them, you can cook like a pro. I make everything from scratch and I obsess over every detail.

After years of selfishly indulging myself and my wife (and now our sweet boy Grey), I'm ready to share it all with you. I believe good food makes everything better.

So let's eat!